BES's proven large-format, Polymer lithium-ion cell technology provides flexible solutions. High levels of energy density and minimal impedance enables us to contribute to a lighter and more efficient battery system. With BES cell technology inside - even the most demanding applications have a reliable source of energy.

Our assembly process, optimized cell chemistries, and high quality materials enables us to produce battery cells for applications that require:
Excellent energy density
Excellent power-to-energy balance
High cycle life
Longer battery life
Low impedance and heat generation provide improved safety
Light weight
Faster charge and discharge capability

With advanced technology, application engineering and global manufacturing operations, BES brings expansive, world-class capabilities to serve the following markets:


BES cells power light trucks, light freight, buses and rail


Stationary utility and grid storage, UPS, telecommunications, marine, oil and gas


BES cells are optimized for use inside soldier technology, aviation, grid support and unmanned vehicles